A Tourist In My Own Country


Are you now wondering why the title of this post is like that? Yes, I’m a tourist in my own country. Have you ever felt that way too? It’s not my first to be in the walled city. (Yes, this is in Intramuros.) It’s actually my second time around. But tbh, the second visit is really amazing. Being in a place like this really breathtaking.



I know. My outfit doesn’t match the vintagey setting. I came unprepared. HAHA. (Will talk about the outfit later.)


Walk, walk, walk. And voila! We reached this part where you can see the overview of a very big golf course. Great backdrop, right?


Can we please have a moment and appreciate how happy am I? *insert puppy eyes here*


Let us now talk about my outfit. I grabbed this black sheer top with gold crosses all over. At first, I wanted to pair it with my black and white striped pants. (You can refer to other pictures below to see how the pants look like. My best friend wore hers. But I bet you know already how does it look like.)  But I changed my mind because of the thought that I want to wear my blue sneaker  wedge. I then raid my closet again. And yep, I picked my acid washed shorts to pair my top instead. I put them on, tuck the top in, place the belt, and I’m ready to go. I started to project some pose on the mirror. I turned around and… uh-oh, I can’t just let my bra to be seen at the back. Plus the weather before going there is really bad. Good thing my blazer matches my shoes. I’m now confident to walk for miles with my good shoes and not showing off my not so sexy back. 😉



Obviously, I’m the happiest teenage girl that day.


For those girls who are not size five (like me), please please please never deprive yourself from wearing really fashionable clothes and don’t be shy to express yourself through dressing up. Confidence is the key. Confidence is what makes a girl sexy and beautiful. Remember, beauty comes in all sizes.


I myself is not one of those girls who are sexy, with skinny waist and thigh, and has a Barbie doll physique. But despite those, I never deprived myself from wearing things I like and love. When you have passion for fashion, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the plus size section. We wear clothes. We don’t let clothes wear us. So if you’re a plussie, do not be afraid to show  your fashionable side. Start making up your mind and wear the clothes you ever wanted. Follow, create your own, and break rules.


I may have a lot of imperfections, but I still love myself with every piece of me because God loves me no matter what.


So back to thing, that’s me and my best friend riding the so called “kalesa”. It’s also my second time.


One of the best things in life is having a best friend with a different personality but same interests. Yes, my best friend’s a fashion enthusiast too!  Isn’t she lovely?






Mahangin sa labas look. HAHAHA


Can you spot me? LOL. Of course you can. So yea, that’s me against the world. HAHA. Kidding! I don’t know where I gathered all the confidence to actually pose there. (To think that there’s so many people around.)


This spot will give you the Vigan feels for real! It’s like you’re in Vigan. That’s what my best friend and I thought when reached that area.


Don’t you just love the design of the wall and windows?



Being in a place like Intramuros is very fun and educational. You enjoy while you learn. I recommend you guys to visit the walled city.


Voila! A shot in Luneta. HAHAHA. I’m such a tourist, right? (Please agree!) After taking shots in Luneta, we decided to head to MOA.


Here is a shot of me and my other half. *insert floating hearts here* The ever handsome creature with dimples and raspy voice, Harry Styles, ladies and gents. 🙂


Perks of Being A Fan Girl

Of course, I won’t let the chance to just slip out of my fingers. I knew I had to take a shot with my lads. *insert Directioner feels here*

Blazer: Soiree, Top: Chica Booti, Shorts: Decree, Pumps: SO! Fab, Sneaker Wedge: Scene Stealer

PS. Whether you’re a Directioner or not, please watch This Is Us. =))))

Hope you enjoyed my post. ‘Til the next one.


Makho ❤


2012 Outfits

2012’s been good to me so I decided to give it an outfit throwback.


this is the outfit I wore when I decided to make a blog. and guess what, I just started posting today. this outfit is my collaboration of girly and edgy stuffs. I like it when something is mixed with an edgy vibe.


I wore my sheer top with floral lining together with my charcoal leggings with pink flowers on it. too much girly? I think so, too. so I decided to accessorize it with gold, silver, and black to give a classic touch.


I added a neutral colored bag to tone down to the nth level. (okay, it’s obvious that I’m in neutrals. laughs…)


and I paired up my look with a strappy ankle bootie to get that edgy vibe.


of course, I can’t end this outfit post without striking a pose.

Sheer top: Sorridere, Leggings: Xhilaration, Bag: Forever 21, Ankle bootie: SM Parisian


I wore this last Summer 2012 when we visited my Auntie’s pad. sheer tops are one my of favorites. I find them comfortable though sometimes it can make you sweat a lot.


 I decided to pair my acid wash shorts with a floral sheer top and floral oxfords to complete it’s summer vibe.


so this is me having my close up. =)))


I even have a close-up channeling my favorite owl ring.

Acid Wash Shorts: Decree, Owl Ring: SM Accessories, Oxfords: SM Parisian


as you can see, I am wearing the same shorts on the outfit above. this is my favorite acid wash shorts so I’m wearing it once every month. but can you blame me? I find them too fashionable and very comfortable.


this time, I paired it up with an over-sized top and tuck it in. as you can see, I played so much with color. I wore  blue top, a green loafers, and accessorized my shorts with a lavender belt.


pardon my face. LOL! I was doing a pouty pout but my photographer took so long and when I’m about to utter some words, it was shot. 😦


to cut this, that’s me playing around outside of the unit and I decided to have a picture.

as you can see, I’m wearing a fitflops there.

Top: Xhilaration, Shorts: Decree


an outfit intended for a photo shoot only.


I came up with the idea of channeling a modern day fairy. and this is the outcome. my version of a modern fairy has no wings, but has a flower crown. and look, they’re on wearing heels now.


probably, I made a very modernized version of a fairy. I wore a mesh inset floral dress instead of those tulip hem dress.


as a kid, I always wanted to be fairy. don’t ask me why. ’cause I don’t know too.


SO! Fab pumps

Dress: Betty (SM GTW), Flower crown: Accessorize


it was a fine boring day of the semester break. and what would a fashion enthusiast do to kill it? I rushed to my closet and dress up. I kinda love the outcome of denim + sheer.


I paired up my button down denim jacket with my green mullet skirt which is made of sheer. this is just one of my experiments that really satisfied my fashion craving.


I accessorized it with my candy colored bib necklace. who would thought that denim can pair up with these vibrant colors?!


I didn’t wore too much rings. 2 is enough for this.


so that’s me, facing the wind. haha.

to complete the look, I paired this outfit with my black chunky heels.


Jacket: Topshop, Skirt: Forever 21, Chunky heels: Cole Haan

17th Birthday

it’s my day. so I have to make myself feel like a princess.


I wore this mullet dress that’s kinda summery on a December. why not? you can turn any clothe to your desired occasion by adding a twist and on how you will accessorize it.


I paired this dress with my sky high green wedges I got as a gift for myself. and for the accessories, I wore my silver collar necklace, dangling pearl earrings, and a ring with a pearl. I even braided my hair using the fish tail type.

many of us think that if our top/dress has a collar, we can not wear a necklace. I’m telling you, you should crap that idea now. collar and bib necklaces are out now. you can place them just under the collar of your clothe. you can also wear the long necklaces that trended years ago that is still worn by many.

Dress: Coco Cabana, Wedges: SM Parisian, Necklace: Penshoppe


the usual colors during the Holiday season are the red and the green. but for Christmas Eve, I opted to stay classy with these classic colors to keep with me the sophisticated look.


peplum’s back. so when I saw this white peplum top at Jellybean, I never had a second thought. I tried it on and bought them. but the dilemma is… what to pair with it? thoughts running through my head. neon bandage skirt? candy colored skinny jeans? or any bandage skirt?


I saw this floral bandage skirt and realized… why not try it? I tried it on with the peplum top. I find them perfect so I bought the skirt also. they look good together. don’t they?


SORRY, SHAMPOO ENDORSERS. my hair sways and flips naturally. no computer effects involved. harhar! I`m gonna take your place real soon. =))))

even in accessorizing it, I stick to the idea that is classic and sophisticated. when I’m toning down, I tone down to the nth level. (that’s true. laughs…)


the thing is, the peplum top have cutouts and a lacy back. too bad, I’m not bringing sexy back. so I wore a nude colored bandeau inside.

(seriously missing my long black straight hair now. T_T)


so that’s me, doing some gorilla whatever pose that turned out to be super epic fail.

to finish the look, I paired it with my black platforms. I even borrowed granny’s LV clutch to totally achieve that classy look.

Top&Skirt: Jellybean, Clutch: Louis Vuitton, Shoes: SO! Fab, Necklace: Penshoppe

how I wish I can relive those days. remember, it’s not wrong to reminisce once in a while especially when it can give our heart a happy and light feeling.


Dheya ❤